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Nature Preserved

About us

Presenting the world’s largest range of preserved flowers and greenery. We are the exclusive importer of the best known preserved flower and foliage brands under the sun, and as such, we are a complete destination for exquisite, low-maintenance and, of course, natural flowers of this kind, serving new modern florists, wholesalers, SMEs and start-ups alike. Welcome to Fora.

With over 25 years of experience within our ranks, we have mastered our craft, offering unique, exclusive glass, wood and metal creations to house the outstanding floral specimens that we have made our name distributing.

Sustainably sourced and lasting for years, our vibrant flower arrangements and beautiful foliage can transform any space into something truly wonderful. With attractive discounts, quick, easy ordering, next day delivery and full tracking, Fora is the undisputed leader in Preserved flowers and greenery for businesses.

Benefits of
Preserved Roses

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Low Maintenance

Our foliage and flowers embody all the natural allure of fresh flora without any of the up-keep. Thanks to our exclusive preservation techniques, you can enjoy the beauty of nature for years without any kind of maintenance.


Cost effective

Fresh flowers and greenery make a world of difference to a room, but to constantly replace dying blooms would be an expensive venture. Our preserved roses and greenery are a superb, one-time investment, bringing life and beauty to your space for years.


No Freeze Drying or Dehydration

Every one of our plants is fully preserved before it leaves our sight; there is no need for freeze drying or dehydration techniques for transportation, both of which can impact on the beauty and longevity of natural products.


All Natural

Our arrangements are, of course natural, and we conserve them without the use of toxic chemicals, plastics or synthetic fibres – meaning they look and feel as natural as they did out in the rose-fields of Ecuador, Spain and Kenya.


Wont Attract Dust

Conserved plants can’t generate or hold an electrostatic charge, and as such, will not attract dust in the same way as artificial plants.


Complete Versatility

Our preservation techniques are as applicable to green walls and statement centrepieces as they are to bridal bouquets, our plant pieces low maintenance across the board, no matter the size or scope of the creation.

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Environmentally Friendly

With their long shelf life, and the low energy costs of transporting and storing them, the carbon footprint left by our conserved plants is significantly lower to that seen in fresh-cut and artificial flowers.


Excellent Value

The value that our conserved plants represent is unrivaled. Our preservation techniques keep our plants looking pristine for years and years at a time, with no need for soil changes, constant watering or replanting along the way.

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