International Women’s Day 2022

IWD 2022 has arrived, and we are as excited as ever to celebrate not only the special women in our own lives, but to the women around the world that inspire us all each day.

In celebration of this day, Fora are delving into our range to showcase the wonders of the Women’s Day colour palette; Purple, for justice and dignity, Green, symbolizing hope, and White for purity.

Powerful in Purple

A colour intrinsically linked with the liberation and celebration of women, Purple has been proudly adorned since the days of the Suffragettes. As an unapologetically bold colour, it takes one some of the most beautiful elements of nature and champions the world of flora. For example, the preserved Delphinium, while holding a subtle femininity and elegance, it stands out from all its surroundings with some of the most vivid shades of violet.

Known for its kinship with feelings of calm, and relaxation, the beautiful Lavender flower can often find itself understated and overlooked. However, in the natural world, fields of Lavender bring exuberance and life to the fields it grows. Fora’s preserved Lavender bunches bring a beautifully serene energy to any arrangement it is in, and a statement that never goes unnoticed.

Gorgeous Greens

With green in Women’s Day colours representing hope, it is only right that we include the beautiful preserved Hedera Helix Ivy. Not only does Ivy symbolize resilience in its nature to attach and thrive among any surface it may find itself on, but it represents eternal life. Not only does this plant hold its own historical weight, but in arrangements and displays it brings a wildness and vitality to its surroundings that truly showcases its vigor.

 The iconic Fern foliage represents an array of meanings in many cultures. To the Indigenous Māori of New Zealand it symbolizes new life and beginnings, while in Japan, the Fern means hope for future generations and family. Our preserved Fern enables it to be used and admired for years to come, with no compromise in its delicate and intricate leaf formation, and iconic shape and texture.

Worthy in White

We couldn’t possibly end this list without mentioning the mighty Rose. A figurehead among the natural world, roses symbolize a plethora of meanings, from beauty, to love, but most notably on days like International Women’s Day; courage. One of our most popular blooms is the RoseAmor XL, and in shade white, it holds a truly ethereal quality, to encapsulate such a message.

We hope everyone has a wonderful International Women’s Day 2022! Don’t forget to tag us in all of your wonderful floral creations, and be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.