Winter Warmers

After long last, it’s finally the time of year to start hanging up your stockings, jingle bells, and decorations. Christmas is a time for celebration, togetherness, and festivities, and nothing puts us in the mood quite like being immersed in beautiful seasonal natural produce. Creating the perfect festive arrangements goes beyond baubles and tinsel, and we’re here to show you how.

Rudolph Red

Nothing quite says Christmas like a vibrant red shade. To create an elegant depth, we suggest taking the route of a variety of warm varying shades, to which we have many options in our collection. For a rustic and auburn feel, our preserved Classic Eucalyptus Nicoly is a stellar choice. This full-bodied foliage is available in an entrancing deep burgundy, that when paired with evergreens, creates a beautiful festive display. As well as this, our variety of popular dry flowers come in sumptuous scarlet palettes, such as our Banksia Baxteri, brimming with winter-y texture and tonal pigments.


The champion of the December season is undoubtedly the perfect Christmas tree. In an increasingly sustainable conscious world, there is the concern of how wasteful the festive period can be. Therefore, we are firm believers that core decorations should be made to be enjoyed again and again. Fora’s collection of preserved evergreen trees is a fantastic solution to these concerns, offering the natural beauty of a real tree, while having the longevity of a fake. Stardust is a lush Conifer, grandly standing in the quintessential cone shape, as well as Columnaris that brings a taste of an entrancing woodland into interior spaces.

Berry Christmas!

Symbols of winter fruits are a global symbol of the festive period, and for this we have some charming additions to corporate and hospitality décor. Namely, Pepperberry Tree is a standout option for bringing a stylish essence of Christmas into displays. With a seasonal shade of royal green leaves, this foliage’s crowning glory is the flurries of winter berries in a vibrant cherry red. And for an even richer display, we offer standalone Pepperberry foliage bringing indulgent clusters of winter accents into interiors.

Golden all the way

A little glitz and glam never hurt anyone! Bursts of gold are a highlight of festive decorations, and we have plenty to go around! Adding a touch of sparkle has never been easier with Exclusive Eucalyptus Cinera, with each coin-shaped leaf coated in a shimmering gold. Whether it’s creating a doorway arch or a hanging wreath, elements of gold elevate your designs. Agave Transparent is juts as stunning, with a unique and bold vein-like effect, working splendidly as a unique and chic addition to displays.

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