Moonlit Monochrome: An Elegant Halloween

When creating an entrancing Halloween display, it is all too easy to fall into the typically popular colour scheme of oranges and ghoulish greens. However, it is more than possible to create a statement Halloween arrangement with a tasteful and classic colour palette of monochromatic shades. We’ve created an intensive guide of some of our top picks for creating a monstrous medley of monochrome magnificence.

Ghostly Whites

Stark whites have never stood out more with our versatile reed Babala. This preserved dry flower stands strong with its lengthy stem that holds fantastic presence above flora and foliage. Available in a ghostly white, it’s a chic offering to bring seasonal accents to your business’ displays.

Helecho Fern is a fantastic dry flower. Almost resembling spider legs or witches’ hair, they fit right in when creating a hauntingly beautiful Halloween display. With hundreds of tiny leaves on each stem of the fern, they offer an oh-so-easy element of full-bodied texture into displays and create the perfect backdrop for smaller, more intricate flowers.

One of our personal favourite products that we hold is the Hoja Mini Magnolia. Almost translucent, these preserved leaves give an aged and haunting finish. They are quite literally the skeleton of the leaves, making them a standout choice when creating a Halloween inspired arrangement.

One of our more unique products is the stunning Palm Cap, which is hand crafted out of wood, in a hugely intricate process. In shade Ivory, these dry flowers give off an antique and haunting appearance Paired with decorative cobwebs and spider decorations, you are sure to create a beautiful, yet effective Halloween creation.

Spooky Spiders

We couldn’t make this list without including our Spidergum Claw. As the name suggests, these unique dry flowers are shaped exactly like the infamous creepy crawlies. Through the drying process, they almost have a wooden type of texture, making them hugely low maintenance, and although they will need dusting, with Halloween on the way, it could add to the look!

Stunning roses have a place in arrangements all year round. Halloween is no exception. We suggest one of our popular preserved Warmi Roses, in a deep and entrancing black shade. The intense contrast in colour from the usually delicate beauty of the rose creates a lasting and bewitching effect on everyone who sees it.

Moss is a fantastic tool to create a murky and grungy effect when creating a Halloween inspired look. Although you could go for the naturally ghoulish green shades, our Icelandic Lichen Moss comes in a fantastically different black shade. With this you can create beautiful, dark and ghostly floral displays.

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