Step into Spring!

As Spring begins to show its face once again, we can finally make the welcomed transition into not only the warmer weather, but the celebration of new life, colour, and growth that Spring brings. Say goodbye to the rain cloud blues, and murky storm greys, and say hello to the exuberant shades of Spring!

Lovely Lilacs

The flourishing crops that Spring brings are a key staple of making the perfect Spring arrangement. Wheats and long grasses bring a wholesome countryside feel to florals, adding incredible height and dimension to a harvest inspired displays that are bound to be a crowd pleaser. Dry flower Setaria comes in a range of fun Spring like shades, including a dreamy soft lilac which brings a divine pop of colour, while in keeping with a rustic and bohemian style aesthetic, perfect for Spring.

Pretty in Pink

Filler flowers can be the saving grace of floral arrangements for this time of year. Delicate, dainty, and brimming with colour, making them ideal to marry greenery and foliage. Hydrangea is a standout all year long, but there is something particularly special in our Peegee Hydrangea Gradation box to make them sing this Spring. Looking almost like a watercolour, our gradation stems have a stunning mottle, of which our pink and purple Hydrangea is particularly effective, especially for Easter.

Gorgeous Greens

Getting the right shade of green in a Spring display is crucial. Light enough to keep up with the vivid pastels and delicate flowers, and not too dark to avoid intensifying what should be a light and airy arrangement. Preserved Eucalyptus Populas is perfect for such a feat, with its sage toned green in shade Natural. It’s charming coin shaped leaves bring a whimsical quality to arrangements and a contemporary twist on your florals.

Hello Yellows!

It can’t be denied that yellows are the starts of the show when it comes to Spring palettes. Pastel yellows are a hugely versatile and understated way of incorporating the season into your business’ décor. Our recommendation for this would be our stunning Mona Lisa Maquillage Roses that have a gorgeous gradient, getting gradually lighter in the centre. With an Easter egg like resemblance, there are few blooms more apt for an Easter and Springtime addition.

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