Why Preserved Flowers do not have stems…

Preserved flowers within the wholesale market are mainly sold as flower heads. Why we ask, well there are two preservation techniques that should be completed, one for the head and one for the stem. Using the stem technique does not properly preserve the heads as the glycerine is too viscous and does not produce the perfect results expected by Fora Nature. Also using the head method on the stem does not preserve the stems to produce the natural colours expected by our stockists, that’s why the Fora Nature preservation methods are a closely guarded secret.

Preserved flowers are a viable alternative to fresh flowers, offering longevity in many creative environments. When florists work with preserved flowers there are some floristry techniques that cannot be applied to preserved flowers, but because Fora Nature has its own dedicated team of florists we are on hand to give you excellent advice and tools to design fantastic arrangements.

What preserved flowers are bringing to the market place are unique characteristics of flexibility and durability, pushing back the constraints of floral designs and allowing creations with infinite possibilities.