Dried Flowers and Preserved Flowers: What’s the Difference?

Who doesn’t love a bouquet of their favourite flowers? Through vibrant and lively colours combined with an exotic fragrance, flowers have the potential to brighten up any living space thus giving numerous possibilities for decoration. The only downside, however, is their limited lifespan.

Nevertheless, recent developments in the field have paved the way for a number of conservation techniques to emerge, allowing many people to indulge in their passion for unique and decorative flower arrangements that stay fresh for longer. There are generally two ways in which flowers can be made to last. These include drying and preservation.


Drying flowers is a method whereby flowers are left to dry naturally, through dehydration, by having them placed face down. Once they are completely dry, they experience a special colouring and setting process which enables them to retain some of their original colour and appearance. Such arrangements are normally used for the purpose of creating a rustic or homely decoration for simple, small-scale events.

Their biggest disadvantage, however, is that they don’t last for very long. As time passes, their stems and branches wither rapidly, causing them to break. In addition, their colour fades while their petals also eventually fall.


The preservation technique for flowers is a much more detailed and sophisticated process as compared to the drying technique. This allows them to maintain their natural colour, fragrance and appearance for a far longer time.

The process involves picking the flowers when they are in full bloom, i.e. when they are at their most beautiful and radiant. Afterwards, they are made to go through a special rehydration process which lasts a couple of days before the flower is ready to be used. The result is a flower with a natural and freshly picked appearance that will last for months, even years!

Using the naturally enhanced preservation technique for the long-term conservation of flowers has many benefits. They end up not only being good for the environment but also greatly cost-effective as they do not need to be kept fresh on a regular basis, thereby resulting in great savings on maintenance costs.

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