Dried Flowers: Best Varieties & Arrangement Tips

It’s no longer up for debate – dried flowers are back on trend in a very major way.

It’s no surprise that dried flower arrangements have become a sensation once more but if you need some convincing consider this:

  • They’re low maintenance
  • They’re environmentally friendly
  • They have a prolonged lifespan
  • AND they look incredible!

Here at Fora Nature, we’ve taken the liberty of identifying some of the best dried varieties and putting together some helpful arrangement tips to get you thinking about the possibilities of dried flowers. The creative possibilities when working with dried flowers are practically endless and we’re just here to get you up to speed on dried flowers and jumpstart the creative sector of your brain.


What are the Best Varieties?

Dried flowers really do come in all shapes and sizes, but there is no real ‘best variety’ – only a wealth of really solid options.

Focal flowers like banksia’s are a fantastic dried option. If ever you had fears about the muted tones of naturally dried flowers, then look no further than the banksia to set your mind at ease. The rich and fiery hues of their elongated heads and their unique zagged leaves create an exotic aesthetic resulting in a must have focal flower for your creations.

If you’re more traditional then rosetteas could be the way to go. Rosetteas are great because they have a more conventional head shape but are still a welcome change to roses and poppies. Their brown and beige colour gives them a wood-like appearance and each breed of rosettea has subtle head and petal variations to choose between.

When it comes to fillers, you are spoilt for choice. Bunches of bright grass, tricitum and ruscus are just a few versatile dried filler flowers that are great for adding bulk and texture to your work.

Though dried flowers are typically used to fit a rustic aesthetic, it’s easy to find vibrantly dyed colour variations to introduce more colour. Favourites like bunny’s tail, babala and cana silvestre which mix well with everything and look fantastic dried, are easy to find in a range of hues.


How Can They Be Arranged?

There are limitless ways to use dried flowers in arrangements. Naturally, theme is important. Dried arrangements are typically built around a rustic aesthetic or for creating homely decoration.

For standard arrangements, it’s a great idea to select your focal flower and build the design around it. Something like the off-white daisy head of the protea gaschnitten would work perfectly with the creamy tones of undyed lagurus and palm spears to bring that desired country feel to your designs – These are very versatile components. Swapping these fillers with dyed variations is a great way to provide some added interest in your arrangement. If loud colours aren’t your thing, why not introduce some gold coated agave leaves for an added dash of elegance that complements those natural colours whilst allowing you to retain the monochromatic palette synonymous with rustic arrangements.

Alternatively, If you‘re looking to create statement designs, then pairing the fiery blooms of protea and banksia with other proteas and exotics such as palm spear, would be a great place to start building something that’s both graceful and imposing.

The beauty of dried flora is that it’s very easy to work with and doesn’t necessarily need to be built into an arrangement. If all else fails, something like palm spear or achillea will sit perfectly as a solo piece when placed in a bespoke vase. Choose your favourite vessel wisely, be it milk bottle or tiny glass canister; there really are no limits to what can be achieved.


Final Thoughts

It’s well worth noting that since they don’t require light or water, your incredible dried arrangements can be styled to fit any room in the house. Its high time you get on board with dried flower arrangements.

If we’ve converted you to dried flowers or triggered some inspiration from within, why not check out our comprehensive collection of dried flowers and start molding your own creations today.


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