Easter Décor Made Easy

Easter is just around the corner, so that means there is just enough time for us here at Fora to give you a rundown of our top picks for stunning Easter gifts and décor to welcome in the season.



Avena is a Spring staple. With these wheat-like preserved grasses, it has never been easier to create an authentically bohemian Spring display. Fluffed and voluminous, they are workable as an effective filler to add structure and dimension to arrangements and bouquets. To keep in tune with the Easter colour palette, we have you covered with our shades of Blush, Cream, and Mint.


The Easter season means Easter cards. This season we have introduced a perfect hybrid of floral and functional, with our Card Holder in our Deco range. The round glass vase structure is minimalist, with a compartment to thread flowers through to give cards a chic display. The versatile glass and modern shape ensure that it can be suited in a diverse range of settings.


The world is coming back into bloom! To commemorate this, our preserved Fora Exclusive Roses are preserved at the point of bloom, so you can keep with the tradition of Easter in arrangements. These exclusive heritage products are iconic all year round, however, our orange and yellow shades are a standout choice for the Springtime.


As the blossom blooms around us, it seems fitting to include preserved Babys Breath in our list. The lightweight bloom-like filler flower encapsulates the fresh, flourishing Easter season. The delicately intricate buds create a speckled cloud of colour in displays or bouquets, versatile enough to compliment a wide range of florals, in on-trend pastel shades.

Ready For Retail

The beautifully rustic Mini Bouquet in Yellow from our Ready For Retail will brighten anyone’s Easter. With rich, earthy tones of ambers and yellows dotted with natural greens, this preserved bouquet brings a little taste of the countryside. The expertly selected preserved flowers range in texture and lengths to make a textured, eye-catching bouquet.


For a pop of greenery, our Broom Bunch is an excellent choice for seasonal foliage. In a royal green, this preserved foliage is scattered with little heads of blooming yellows buds, perfect as a filler piece that adds natural volume.


We would love to see what you make! Tag @fora_nature on Instagram and share your amazing designs with us.