Let’s Talk Hatboxes

Stylishly minimal with maximum impact; rose-filled hatboxes are the gift on everyone’s lips. From celebrities to influencers, to the general public, these boxes of beauty have been trending across all corners of the internet. And for good reason.


Making waves at every occasion, whether it be Birthdays, Valentines, or Anniversaries, these luxury gifts appeal to the masses. We’ve kept our fingers firmly on the pulse with how to best use our preserved roses collection, we know what it takes to manufacture these long-lasting gifts. Getting involved in this movement has never been easier.


Proudly having exclusivity with brands such as RoseAmor and Vermeille, ensures that your hatbox is filled only with the best-handpicked products that are world-renowned and rich in quality. In fact, our RoseAmor LL+ Roses are created with hatboxes in mind. Our long-lasting preserved roses make love last, with our products staying as fresh as the day they were picked and keeping their beauty for a minimum of 3 years. By not cutting corners on quality, Fora’s unique preservation techniques and unparalleled roses provide an industry-leading edge in your hatboxes.

Stand Out

Everyone is unique, and making a gift of product just as personal is an important part of what we do. Armed with world-leading variety in our florals, we offer an extensive collection of rose styles and versatile shades and finishes. For classic elegance, our warm shades, gradation colours, and satin finishes add effortless romance ideal for hotel and restaurant settings. For those who aren’t afraid of being unapologetically bold, we offer unique geometric, galaxy, and flag-themed preserved roses. No matter the occasion, we know how to make a statement with roses that speak for themselves.


Creating new dimensions and texture in hatboxes creates entirely new aesthetics, and when was it ever a bad thing to go against the grain? To add a unique touch to your work, our preserved foliage is a great choice to diversify hatboxes. Dainty florets of leaves and filler plants bring a fresh, natural look to arrangements, without being busy or cluttered. Our collection of preserved moss is great for bringing in new textures to hatboxes, spongey, fun, and understated pops of colour.


In a hatbox arrangement, our Rose and Salal leaves are standout choices for a classic look, but great alternatives include preserved foliage such Solidago or Poplar Green, bringing a rustic theme to your work. These styles of foliage work well when paired with products like our exclusive garden roses. They’re preserved at the point of bloom, so their petals are captured in their uniquely intricate cluster formation.

Here at Fora Nature, we’re equipped with more products than ever to make your hatboxes stand out from the crowd, and we’d love to see your creations. Tag us at @fora_nature on Instagram and share your amazing designs with us!