Hello Autumn!

After long last we’ve finally reached the time of year when the leaves are falling from the trees, and we are surrounded by beautifully rich shades of oranges and reds. These stunning seasonal colours are fantastic when creating show-stopping autumnal displays and arrangements for your business, and our vast range of foliage, dry flowers, and preserved flora give you plenty to pick from.

  1. Foundations

The first step in creating a great autumnal display is beginning with a full-bodied foundation of foliage. The nature of Autumnal plants means you have the freedom to use a mixture of branches, dry foliage, and evergreens. For this, we suggest products such as Autumnal Stuartina, which is a medley of gorgeous bushy leaves in a gradient of warm earthy tones. Their chic coin-shaped leaves make them ideal for corporate displays, and events decoration. For example, they perfectly suit hotel accessorising, office décor, and restaurant interiors.

  1. Bushel

Similarly to a foundation of foliage, bushels and branches are great pieces to give accents of colour that are understated while still strengthening your display. For example, our Pittosporum Bunch in shade Red offers an indulgent take on the Autumn colour palette. The multi-tonal curved leaves have a glazed finish, making them catch the light beautifully. Fagus Extra is another bunch that brings delightful colour, with its signature oval leaves adding instant drama and dynamism to indoor spaces.

  1. Dry

Dry flowers aren’t just a want, but a need for Autumnal arrangements. Through the drying process, our selection naturally has the colour palette of this season, making them not only great accent pieces, but ultimately, they all complement each other. Products such as the Cardonni Artichocke are popular due to their unique shape, with unparalleled dimension through their pointed leaves and bushy tendril centre. Part of the sunflower family, its head is large and robust, drawing in every eye in the room.

  1. Statement

The cherry on top of creating the perfect display is a statement flora that draws in and combines every colour of the arrangement. For this, one of our top picks would be the Plumosum Starcone. Endemic to South Africa, this dry flower embodies a unique star shape, possessing a wood-like texture. Each colour the Plumosum is available in is an intrinsically autumnal shade, from earthy auburn, deep reds, dusty pinks, and rich mustards. Dotting these blooms around your display is aided by their long slender stems.

From us here at Fora, we encourage everyone to welcome Autumn into your business with open arms this year. We’d love to see your displays, so why not tag us in your photos on Fora Nature’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn!