Let’s Talk: Wreaths

As the seasons change before our eyes, the opportunity to enhance interiors in this transition has never been stifled. In fact, with Autumn around the corner, it’s the perfect time to introduce seasonal warmth into your business’ décor. To do so we suggest one simple word: Wreaths.

The very definition of simple yet effective, a wreath combines the dreamy hybrid of natural flora and textural materials. With the ability to incorporate any colour scheme, these interior staples truly are standout products all year round. At Fora, we have a myriad of ready for retail items, as well as the means to create your own works of art.


Fabulous Feathers

If it’s intensity and drama you’re after, then look no further than the gorgeously frilly Peacock Feather Wreath. Luxuriously indulgent tones of turquoise and emeralds make for the perfect embodiment of mystical enchantment.

Sumptuous reds are also a great welcome to the Autumnal seasons, and to which we offer the divinely beautiful Cubala Feather Wreath. The signature supple plumes are a combination of ruby reds with a stunning iridescent finish, so why bring some Cuban spice into your business?

How to use it?

Not only can these wreaths be used as wall accessories, but a base foundation for floral arrangements and centrepieces. The deep hues are ideal for creating décor for themed and more boutique style arrangements, suitable for a range of events, special occasions, and hospitality interiors.


Dried Flora

With low maintenance and high impact, we offer a stunning ready for retail Preserved Dried Flower Wreath. This product is made up of highly intricate dried flora, delicately entwined to create a solid cloud of colour. Available in a range of sizes and highly versatile colours, this product beautifully compliments a host of colour schemes and aesthetics.

How to use it?

Whether they are used as a stylish home interior accessory, or as a homey touch to cafes and restaurants, or as a seasonal decoration for corporate events, these wreaths are truly multifaceted.



Let your imagination run wild with our Wire Ring Hoop Base, where you can build and create entirely unique preserved floral wreaths and bases for flora arrangements. These lightweight hoops are the perfect foundation for making wreaths and arrangements without any limitations.

How to use it?

Whether it’s bendable plants like our range of malleable Vines or a full-bodied preserved Foliage, you can freely produce a stylish wreath. For the finishing touch, we recommend our on-trend dry flowers, and statements preserved flowers.


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