Let’s Talk: Moss

Preserved moss is the ultimate low maintenance way to make interiors look flawless. From vertical gardens to stylish moss walls, it’s an incredible product to bring the beauty of nature indoors. Here at Fora, we offer a not only a range of preserved moss types, but a variety of high pigment shades complimenting an abundance of aesthetics, décor, and themes. Let us take you on a journey of just how impactful this product can be!

Let’s Rock!

Here’s one for nature lovers. Our specialised preserved Rock Moss is a truly robust product, whereby you can mould and shape this thinner moss around rocks, surfaces, and angles. This means that woodland themed displays or forest style indoor gardens can be given the finishing touch with realistic touches of natural moss.

Pole Moss

If you want to achieve a stunning and unique take on moss design, then our range of Pole Moss is the one for you. Shaped in a small mound, these products are great for creating 3D displays with a hilly, organic feel. Whether it is used as an alternative to plant pot filler, or a fresh pop of greenery in hospitality, hotel, or office interiors, the possibilities are endless.


Our collection of preserved Icelandic Reindeer Moss is truly unique. With their quintessential spongey and foam-like texture, their presence in floral arrangements not only offers fantastic colour, but a distinctive and fun texture. The high pigment they are treated with in the preservation process means that moss walls and vertical gardens are not limited to standard green shades.


We encourage everyone to stand out from the crowd. Fora’s preserved Moss Sphere are a perfect way to do so. These unique products may look unusual, but their effects on design are immense. Use a collection of them in vases for a minimalist modern effect or use them on a dangling greenery display for a fun take on immersive nature arrangements.

That was just a taster into the wonderful world of preserved moss, so we urge you to delve even deeper by having a browse through our collection! Let us know how you use our preserved moss by tagging us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn!