Creating Floral Archways: The Wedding Series

Floral design has a profound effect on its surroundings. The ever-growing phenomena of floral archways are no exception. From creating stunning art installations to the finishing touch to a couple’s special day, floral archways can transform atmospheres in a way that only nature knows how. When it comes to creating moments that last, why not use flora that lasts too?


Step One: Build Your Foundation

The foundation in an archway consists firstly of a base layer of preserved foliage. Not only to fill out for a thick, healthy archway but to set the tone in the aesthetics and general feel of the space. For example, our preserved Eucalyptus is stunning foliage we’d recommend for a sleek and modern style occasion, due to its unique circular leaves. These bunches are also great for creating a stylised bohemian aesthetic, and if you’re desiring something even more seasonal, why not try our Preserved Solidago for a bushier floral feel.


Step Two: Colour and Texture

When tying in floral archways to the colour scheme of the event and space, a great way of achieving this is through textured dry foliage that breaks up the solids of your foundation. A standout choice for this would be one of our most popular sellers of preserved Pampas.

Wholesale Pampas bring immense height and presence with their long stiff stems, and with Fora’s extensive variety of plume styles, there are plenty of varieties in our selection to choose from. Stipa Japanese Pampas offer a more delicate and subtle plume, while products such as Premium Pampas and Cortaderia are voluminous and colourful.


Step Three: Drapery

A simple yet effective way to elevate archways is to use pieces that drape and hang, especially on larger scale displays. Trailing flowers are great pops of colour while being understated in their density and minimalist bud size. Amaranthus Caudatus has a unique bicolour that entwines gradients of shades, great for incorporating interior colour accents. If you’re wanting to make more of a statement with a bolder preserved flower, Amaranthus Ball is similar in structure but is bulkier in shape mimicking bushy flowering balls.


Step Four: Accent Flowers

Flowers are personal to us all, and the great thing about floral archways is that they are so versatile that you have the freedom to use any flower to build them. Some of our favourites are preserved flowers such as the dainty and charming fillers Babys Breath and Gypsophelia, offering a wispy cloud-like colour to displays. For an extra touch of romance, we of course have Fora’s wide selection of exclusive preserved roses. Be larger than life with our biggest Rose, the Wayra, or why not try a more natural style feel with our frilly and classic Garden Roses.


Let us know how you use our step-by-step guide with your own archways! We’d love to see what you creations, share them with us on Fora Nature’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn!