Let’s Talk: Pampas

As dry flowers make waves through interiors across the globe, there is no doubt that Pampas is the standout star. Taking the world by storm, the effortlessly stylish Pampas holds the key to easing flora into our decors, while creating exciting, natural texture indoors. It is their versatility that has led to the reed’s popularity, and we want to show you exactly how to use it!


Pampas are fabulous additions to office spaces and corporate environments. Their understated appearance allows them to subtly elevate professional environments without overwhelming spaces with flora. The softness of their pigment means they are well adjusted to more muted colour schemes. One of Fora’s Pampas that is ideal for these uses is Cortaderia. Coming in nude tone shades, it is easy to incorporate them into a broad range of aesthetic schemes. The subtle texture of preserved Pampas gives them a grassy quality, allowing a refreshing variety in muted spaces.


The versatility in Pampas is embodied in our wide and extensive selection of colours. The possibilities are endless in how they can be purposed for a broad range of themes and aesthetics, and the choice that Fora gives you the freedom to experiment. Pampas are right at home in settings such as hotels, restaurants, and public houses. Our Wild Reed Pampas boast nine colours that appease any colour scheme, whether it be dusty pinks, auburn tones, or fresh natural greens. The full, bushy plumes of preserved Pampas elevate displays, both figuratively and literally.


It is through creating seasonal displays that Pampas comes into their own. If you are looking for a more bohemian aesthetic, the delicate feather-like plume of preserved Cane Aroundo could be the perfect filler for your floral creation. They have a wheat-like texture that makes them perfect for embodying a countryside feel among other dry flowers such as our Trigo Flor and Repens. The Pampas’ height is available from a modest 30cm, all the way to 120cm, meaning floral presentations can create a real presence in spaces.


One of the reasons we think Pampas are so special is their ability to translate in the home as well as public indoor environments. They have become a household name in creating chic and understated home décor items. From creating a rustic arrangement with other preserved floras like Banksia and Rosettas, or as standalone pieces in a statement vase. One of our favourites is the gorgeously fluffy Limited Edition Plume Pampas, which creates effortlessly chic displays. Preserved Pampas need little to no maintenance, making them hugely attractive to the typical homeowner. Simply fluff them out, keep well dusted, and you’re away!

We’d love to see how you use and function our Pampas, so why not tag Fora Nature’s Instagram and share your amazing designs with us!