Wedding Season 2021: Our Top Floral Picks

Wedding season is upon us, and after having a year out of action, the bridal industry is finally reopening its doors. As happy couples everywhere tie the knot, brand new floral trends are going to dominate 2021. We’ve made some predictions about what can be expected for preserved flora trends to look out for this year!



  • Sustainability is growing less of a preference, but more so an expectation for wedding flora. Environmental consciousness has led many couples to strive in keeping their wedding at its lowest possible carbon footprint. With Fora’s preservation techniques, our flora can last for years to come without generating waste.
  • Dry flowers are a great eco-friendly alternative for bridal displays. With the resurgence of shabby-chic Bohemian aesthetics, preserved dry flowers are the perfect zero maintenance compliments from centrepieces to floral pinholes. Our Japanese Stipa Pampas are a great option for rustic-inspired arrangements as they come in antique pastel shades, complimenting statement flora.



  • The right colour scheme creates is essential for creating the right atmosphere for the perfect day. Antique pastels are one of the schemes we predict to dominate weddings for the upcoming year. The versatility of this palette allows couples to get creative with expanding what flowers they choose to combine. Baby’s Breath is a stunning preserved flower with beautifully understated blossoms, coming in soft Peaches, Mints and Creams.
  • Earth Tones are also a strong contender for the most popular palette we’re predicting this season. The classic preserved Eucalyptus Populas is a stellar choice for Autumnal style weddings, coming in rich burgundies and forest greens. Their spherical leaves give a fresh modern take to traditional arrangements.



  • This season, the bigger the better! Bouquets are going oversized, and the Princess Diana inspired trend doesn’t show any sign of stopping. Bulking out bouquets is made easy through full-bodied preserved foliage. Our foliage range caters for this, regardless of aesthetic, or preference, from classic greenery to vibrant, bold shades.
  • Preserved Broom is perfect for a countryside themed wedding with its wild style structure and petite golden buds. For a sprinkle of tradition, RoseAmor’s XL preserved Roses elevate bouquets due to their petal formation being handcrafted to perfection.
  • To master the oversized bouquet, we also recommend using a draping flower to create a new dimension in the arrangement. For this, Amaranthus is an essential preserved flower, available in beautiful bicolour, interwoven with two different shades, producing a stunning depth.


This wedding season, why not create moments that last? We’d love to see your creations, tag Fora Nature’s Instagram and share your amazing designs!