May Flowers: The Standouts of Spring

Springtime offers the most beautiful flowers of the year. Notably, May flowers are some of the standout floras of them all. When creating seasonal décor for businesses and events, May’s flora is not to be overlooked. Dainty and versatile, we have cultivated a list of Fora’s most stunning preserved May flora that will brighten up your interiors all Spring long.



Loved by all, the Peony is a classic symbol of nature’s beauty. So, what better than preserved Peonies so that their beauty can be enjoyed for years to come. Our XXL Niki Peonies are some of our largest, naturally enhanced so that they are preserved at the point of bloom. This allows the Peony to retain the appearance of its supple inner petals, where they are captured in a condensed flurried formation. Beautifully natural, when paired with the right foliage, these floras suit a country and stately garden aesthetic. This makes them perfect for classic wedding bouquets, Springtime interior décor, and luscious corporate event arrangements.



The symbol of sunshine, the Gerbera’s delicate petals are a hugely versatile May flower. Our preserved Gerbera come with a long stem, creating endless possibilities for the design of your Spring themed décor. Stretching from a dark capitulum, the Gerbera’s slender oval petals strike with their bright and exuberant colour. Preserved in its dainty beauty, this flora adds a natural, country meadow type aesthetic to arrangements, making them superb for Springtime. Whether it be adding pops of colour to bouquets, or brightening up window displays and events, the Gerbera is a sure-fire way to bring Spring, in!



A classic wedding flower, the Carnation is a universal symbol of luck and gratitude. There is plenty to feel thankful for this season in Fora’s selection of the beautiful flora! With the unique ruffled petals, this flower brings fabulous texture to floral arrangements despite its delicate petite appearance. Unlike our other preserved Carnations, the Dianthus‘ base shade is edged with a much richer tone. Both the texture of the petals and the colour combined create an impactful appearance without drawing every bit of attention. This in turn makes it ideal for subtle wedding centrepieces, luxury floral gift items, and corporate event stylings.



Gone are the days of Orchids being an outdated bloom. Now, as hugely on-trend floral pieces, Orchids are the fresh faces of Spring décor. With their subtle and unique petals and shape, you can create stylish and modern design items and seasonal arrangements. Fora’s preserved Dendrobium Orchid Flower Heads are a great alternative to artificial orchids, as they are the most realistic you can get. Like our entire preserved flora collection, they have been grown, harvested, and preserved so they look and feel like they are still alive. Their petite nature offers you a vast variety of options in Spring décor, from stunning hospitality settings to refreshing wedding décor and bouquets.

We hope this Spring your arrangements utilise the gorgeous flowers May has to offer. Don’t forget to think sustainable, and think preserved this season!

We would love to see what you make! Tag Fora Nature’s Instagram and share your amazing designs!