Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! It is on days like these that we are reminded of the immense importance of our world, and how each one of us can help improve it. Here at Fora, we do our best as importers, producers, and as a business to play our part in making a brighter future.


Sustainability is an intrinsic part of Fora Nature’s key values. Through specialist preservation and natural enhancement processes, our florals are designed with longevity in mind. As a result of this, all Fora products last a minimum of 3 years. For us, we want our customer’s businesses to sustainably enjoy Mother Nature for longer without compromising on quality.


When looking for long-lasting florals, some industries may be tempted by artificial flowers. Alternatively, Fora products are just as low-maintenance while offering natural and authentic quality that simply cannot be replicated. As well as this, our products are not at risk of fraying or fading (ensuring they are kept out of direct sunlight) unlike their artificial rivals.

No Watering

Products such as our Bonsai trees and Moss are used to brighten up corporate settings and office spaces. We understand that busy staff and personnel don’t always have the spare time to care for plants in the workplace. So instead of the expense of florals being replaced on a regular basis, Fora’s products need little to no maintenance to keep their luscious, natural appearance.

Recycling and Biodegrading

When shipping and delivering Fora products, we ensure that our cardboard box containers are 100% recyclable. We have also made sure that our interior packaging uses bubble wrap that is made of 50% recycled plastic. Furthermore, Fora products are preserved organic flora, making them naturally take less time to degrade and break down than that of plastic artificial plants.

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