How To: Minimalism

As tradition suggests, less IS more. When it comes to creating chic accents around corporate settings that complement the profession in tasteful and modern ways, a minimalist suggestion of nature speaks volumes in style as well as substance. Achieving this isn’t complicated, in fact, Fora’s range is curated with industries like this in mind, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.


Moss Walls

Moss walls are a trend that is taking the world by storm, and we can see why! Creating a textured, 3-Dimensional installation brings an immersive element to interiors that not only offer variety to spaces but a refreshing organic aesthetic that brightens up rooms tenfold. For such designs, we suggest products such as our preserved Pole Moss, which are little mound shapes, that when clustered together create a stunning hill-like effect. If it’s more of a regimented result you’re after, perhaps our flatter preserved Turf.



All manner of trees can create sophisticated minimalism, and when they are preserved, it means that their beauty can be appreciated with the lowest maintenance possible. Offices, spas, gyms, and hotels are just a few of the industries where Fora’s preserved trees are the most popular. Products such as the Populus are great at giving a space a modern twist on a classic tree, with bushels of coin-shaped leaves. Furthermore, their unique shape creates texture and movement when they catch the light.



Minimalism is about keeping interiors sleek, clean, and calming, and with that in mind, Bonsai trees are the perfect fit. For centuries they have been symbolic of peace and harmony, and their iconic shape and emerald tones make them hugely diverse for bringing balance to a wide range of interior design. Products such as the preserved Bonsai Procumbus come in a variety of sizes, with multitiered options for a grander effect.



As we say goodbye to Summer and welcome the Autumnal months, it’s an apt time to introduce Fora’s world-leading range of preserved dry flowers and branches into interiors. Ideal for hospitality and leisure décor, items such as preserved Bellgums and Ambernut Branches are simplistic yet highly effective ways of initiating the seasonal change into interiors. Their versatile earthy nude tones make them understated and expertly complementary.


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