Bohemian Chic: The Wedding Series

A casual, country wedding day or a large over-the-top celebration—well who says you can’t have both? When organising the special day, the Bohemian aesthetic champions any scale or atmosphere. Simple, yet summery, the Bohemian theme is easy to create from Fora’s wide selection of on-trend, stylish Bohemian-inspired preserved flora. 


Known across many cultures as the symbol of rebirth and purity, the Lotus is an ever popular flower at weddings. The stark whites and pink Lotus Fora offer make them excellent additions when creating a natural, wildlife oriented bohemian style wedding. Ideal for displays and delicate centrepieces, the Lotus is as versatile as it is symbolic.

Preserved Petals

It wouldn’t be a wedding without petals, and our Preserved Petals are a standout pick for making the day memorable. Through their natural enhancement, the petals are able to be kept and treasured for years to come, as tangible symbols of the special day. Preserved Petals bring elegance when adding that romantic finishing touch to anyone’s special day. 

Babys Breath

Achieving the ultimate bohemian look, wholesale preserved Babys Breath is here to lend a hand. With stunning speckles of tiny flowers, grouped to create a beautiful cloud of flora, Babys Breath are somewhat of a quintessential element of the free-spirited aesthetic. From being used as delicate filler for arrangements and bouquets, to creating depth to corporate style celebrations’ archways and displays, their uses know no bounds. 

Helecho Fern 

Helecho Fern in shade White is an offering that we know conquers the summertime Bohemian wedding. Rustic, with flurries of the tiny leaves classic to the New Zealand fern, this wholesale dry flower comes in a range of vibrant shades, ideal for summery colour schemes. The curved stems come in organic shapes that can be manipulated to create texture, height, and structure in wedding arrangements and bouquets. 

Fine Grass

We call our range of whole preserved Fine Grass the ‘chameleon of flora’, simply because it can be used in so many arrangement styles, and compliments so many preserved flowers. With a feather-like quality, this preserved filler adds natural softness to displays, whether paired with other preserved foliage, stunning plumes of pampas, or preserved statement flowers.


What better way to round up our top picks for countryside inspired wedding decor, than with the Phalaris. Bohemian aesthetics revolve around natural texture, and the wheat-like appliance of the preserved wholesale Phalaris bunch is a perfecting offering. The textured head brings pops of colour into arrangements, while still being understated and structural with its long slender stems.