How To: Summer Colour Palettes

Calling all sun worshippers! After long last, the summer months have arrived, and every colour of the rainbow is blooming around us. We want to celebrate every beautiful shade this season. From aquatic blues to hot fuchsia pinks, Fora have the most varied range of shades and styles of preserved flora on the market, so we’ve hand-selected some of our most sensational picks to bring the sunshine into your businesses this summer.

Cool Turquoise

Transport yourself to a white sandy beach. Can you hear the crashing of the ocean? Feel the cool sea breeze? Why not encapsulate this feeling with our range of exotic dry flowers? Endemic from Northern Africa, our Ruscus Bunch is a light and dreamy preserved foliage that embodies the tropics with ease. Available in a range of vibrant shades, ‘Turquoise’ is a standout when perfecting your business’ summer palette.

How to use it?

The multiple colour variations add versatility to this already very versatile filler. Its long and flexible stem makes it great for accenting archways, and its textured leaves elevate bohemian style arrangements or as standalone foliage.


The simplicity of the Ruscus means it can be used anywhere. Being a dry flower, this foliage needs no maintenance so is ideal for corporate settings, as well as bringing colourful accents to leisure centres, spas, and hotel décor.

Mellow Yellow

We simply cannot continue without discussing the summer staple that is the Sunflower. Goldens and yellows are of course essential in creating the most eye-catching and cheerful arrangements for your business. The Sunflower’s textured dark centre offers effortless depth in shade, complimenting a variety of tones and shape among other flora.

How to use it?

In a vibrant golden yellow, our handcrafted sunflower is perfect for accessorizing arrangements. However, the iconic flower is popular as individual stock and bringing on-trend flare to floristry designs.


When creating the perfect shop window, or a summer-themed corporate display, the sunflower is an easy way to brighten up and create a welcoming presence for any business.

Pops of Pink

Bright and bold, hot fuchsia pinks are everywhere this season. Nothing says hello to summer quite like vibrant neon shades, and the Bougainvillea is no exception. This preserved dry flower’s delicate heads take the appearance of little lanterns, clustered in a woven branch. Dainty and lightweight, these little pops of colour come into their own, adding effortless charm.

How to use it?

The Bougainvillea’s neat shape creates a minimalist design while not compromising on style. As a dry flower, there isn’t any maintenance needed, so the Bougainvillea is perfect for season-long arrangements, as well as a standalone in a bespoke vase.


Their neat shape makes these preserved dry flowers versatile in modern hospitality centrepieces, as well as bringing vibrant flair to corporate event decor and brightening up offices and restaurants.


This summer, we want to see your beautiful creations! Show us how your business uses our flora by tagging us on Fora Nature’s Instagram! Keep up to date with the latest in all things preserved flora by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!