Bring the Outside, In!

With summer creeping around the corner, it’s only right to reflect the lush, new life that is blooming around us into our interior displays. From exquisite climbing foliage to chic vertical gardens, we have selected our top hassle-free picks to help your business flourish from the inside out this summer!

Branch Out

Naturally grand, the tall twist of Nicoly Crown’s smooth branches twists and wind around small tufts of greenery. Spontaneously the leaves burst outwards until the thick, full bushes splay outwards. The natural weight of the leaves creates a beautiful arch along the branch adding full-bodied flow to doorways, brightening hotel foyers, and hospitality interiors.

Modern Twist

As part of our Eucalyptus collection, the Stuartina makes for wonderfully diverse preserved filler foliage. Creating natural accents in corporate interiors, Stuartina’s rustic selection of leaves disperse in a wild and organic manner. This gives the foliage a strong and thickened effect, making perfect natural filler for arrangements and bouquets, suitable for a range of hotel, restaurant, and architectural spaces.

Natural Zen

Serenity redefined. Gynerium Oriental projects calmness and tranquillity to any surroundings. Its exquisite long slender leaves and vibrant green shades bring chic accents of the exotic into interior designs, making them perfect for spas, leisure centres, and modern corporate spaces.

Moss-ed Have

Our moss selection has products for every occasion, and one that is particularly diverse is our Pole Moss. Rich in vibrant green colour, and modern curved shape, the circular piece create dynamic and naturally inspired moss art, vertical gardens, and plant pot bases. The unique design of Pole Moss bringing a fresh take on design when bringing nature into corporate buildings, restaurant décor, and hotel interiors.

Lovely Lotus

Capture the essence of a tranquil garden, with our stunning Lotus’. Captured in their closed form, the petals curl around each other protectively to create a strong structured head. Carefully unpeel the supple petals if you want to create an open Lotus, exposing the beautifully intricate centre.

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