Happy Father’s Day!

Fora Nature wish you all an incredibly Happy Father’s Day! Whether your business wants to create sentimental gifts or provide lovely plant offerings, we have the go-to guide bound to make the day even more special.


Creating gifts that will be treasured forever…

When creating the perfect gift for the special men in our lives, Fora Deco arms your business with beautiful interior products that can be transformed into unique and diverse gifting items.

Cork Top Jars

  • The stunningly rustic Cork Top Jar is a beautiful way to display a range of handpicked preserved flora, showcase by an interior LED light. The versatility of the Cork Top Jar allows gifting products to be completely personalised, giving that sentimental touch to special people in our lives.

Luna Bowl

  • For both a thoughtful and stylish gift option, our Luna Stone Bowl ticks every box. The smooth, sleek ceramic basin works perfectly as an indoor plant pot, while also stunningly displaying accessories such as decorative stone sand beads.

Card Holder

  • The perfect addition to Father’s Day this year is our glass display Card Holder, offering a new and vibrant way of showcasing cards, pictures, and photos. For added personalisation, the holders come with a hole to thread flora to add whimsical character to displays.


For nature lovers…

Here at Fora, we know a thing or two about beautiful flora. Through our natural enhancement process, this beauty can live on. So this Father’s Day, special moments can last for years to come.


  • It’s never been easier to bring presence and style, with the classic Bonsai tree. As a gift item, the calming, spiritual Bonsai is a certain crowd-pleaser, and its grand and versatile greenery ensures that it takes pride of place in any surrounding. Our Bonsai Root Double in particular is a great size with a variety of moss bedding in its base.

Dry Flower Glass Vial

  • Our Ready For Retail range offers the delicate Dried Flower Glass Vial is enclosed with a selection of dry flowers hand-selected by our floral artists. Unique and rich in detail, they are great as desk ornaments, or as interior décor accessories.

We wish everyone a very Happy Fathers’ Day, and would love to hear how you will be celebrating on Fora Nature’s Instagram!