Mystic Spring: The Anti-Spring Aesthetic

It’s the time of the season where blooms are returning to our wildlife. As we settle into Springtime, we are met with dreamy pastels at every turn, new life, and sunshine. With that in mind, it may not be the obvious choice for the flowers surrounding us to be of the more mystical, indulgent, rich-toned persuasion.

However, this past year has been the most unpredictable yet, and it seems rather apt to challenge Spring 2021 and be just as unpredictable.


They say the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice. Inject a little sweetness into Spring arrangements and décor, with the Fora exclusive Pepperberry Bunch. This full body of pepper berries creates an effortlessly stylish preserved foliage. The natural berries and fluid arched bend in its branch offers the organic and rustic aesthetic that is in such high demand this time of year.


It wouldn’t be a truly mystical Spring if we didn’t include a touch of opulence in our selection. The ever-elegant, preserved Eucalyptus is a standout choice through its chic appearance, unique structure, and presence in floral displays. However, the Exclusive Eucalyptus in shade ‘Gold’, transcends the expectations of what Spring displays can become. While sumptuously luxurious, the Exclusive Eucalyptus also offers an on-trend and modern shape.


Fabulous filler foliage never goes out of style. Spring encourages the celebration of wheat and rural grasses in floral arrangements across all industries. However, to make a statement that leaves an impact on your business as well as the customer, we suggest using our preserved foliage Agrostis in the shade ‘Cranberry’. Deep and enchanting, the shade combines equal parts warmth and drama this season.


Continuing the theme of berries, our preserved Hedera Tree with Fruits ticks all the boxes of style, substance, and sophistication. With leafy branches and natural clusters of berries, the Hedera wouldn’t be out of place in events interiors, commercial settings, and even weddings. Dare to be boldly different this year? Mystify interior spaces a step further by choosing our Hedera Tree in shade ‘Red’, featuring deep burgundy leaves.


Who said opposites didn’t attract? In keeping with the pattern of deep and indulgent colour palettes, why not blend maroons and purples with eye-catching metallics. Our RoseAmor preserved roses are crowd-pleasers whatever the occasion, and to intensify your statement, we suggest our lavish shade ‘Gold’. Acting as jewel-like blooms amongst florals and greenery, it’s never been easier to champion a forward-thinking mystical Spring aesthetic.

Opposites attract, and challenging what Spring shades can mean in florals is the way to stand out from the crow this season. So why not take a leaf out of our book and go against the grain.

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