Fora Accessories: What they are and where you can use them

Floral arrangements are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to transforming interior spaces. Our unique selection of floral accessories will provide the edge you need to stand out from the rest. Calling for all the minimalists and the maximalists; we have something for everyone, to bring your floral designs to life.

Rustle some feathers!

Feathers are the unsuspecting saviour of any arrangement, whether it be spicing up a bouquet, or elevating the home, or Fora’s range of styles and textures can enhance every sensibility.

  • Tease with flare, and a hint of the exotic found in our vibrant Peacock Feather accessories.
  • Add some softness and subtle print with our charming Hang Chimi and Hen feathers. Embody British heritage and classic sophistication with our Pheasant feather range.
  • And if you want a little extra luxury, why not try our authentic Ostrich feathers for a hint of grandeur.

Don’t lose your marbles!

Dried and preserved flowers allow unlimited freedom in presentation, including fresh, interesting ways to style and present vases, containers, and basins. We offer a broad range of beautiful stones to do so, in a myriad of colours and styles to suit any aesthetic.

  • A taste for the classics? Why not try our natural style Pearls for a chic accompaniment.
  • You might be more inclined to Fora’s selection of Gel Crystals to add a modern twist installations and displays.
  • Or perhaps the natural look, wherein marbles and stones would be a perfect match, in a range of earthy and more whimsical tones.


Of course, no floral arrangement would be complete without the perfect complementing stems. When creating height, depth, and scope with any display, it is essential to be armed with the right artificial stems. Whatever scale you would like to achieve, we have a range of sizes to caveat your vision, from 10cm-30cm lengths, and our stub wires also give you the freedom of


Everyone is a perfectionist when it comes to creating the perfect display, and now more than ever it’s easy to do it like the pros. Get your pruning kit in order with Fora’s essential tool accessories. For that professional touch, our Dry Oasis Blocks will make every moment last, with the help of our floral knives and shears.


We’d love to see how you use and incorporate our various floral accessories, so why not tag Fora Nature’s Instagram and share your amazing designs with us!