Introducing: Rose Luxe Floral Mist

Fora Nature’s newest venture has made it possible to transform floral arrangements into becoming a fully immersive experience. We wanted to design a fragrance that allows preserved flora to smell as beautiful as they look. Thus, Rose Luxe was born.


How it started…


  • Inspired

Our team of expert imaginers drew their vision from the core of our shared passion of the aromatics garden roses bring to their surroundings. Roses encapsulate love, grace, and the purest form of beauty. To capture their essence, it takes craftsmanship to bring to life a scent that transcends perfumery.

  • Creation

We made sure to source only the finest organic ingredients from different corners of the globe, creating an utterly unique and full-bodied aroma. With months in the making, our combination of natural essences came together to create exquisite base notes, and warm velvety undertones drawn from the supple rose petals.

  • Craftsmanship

With a collective 25 years of floral expertise under our belts, Fora Nature is proud to now introduce the ultimate floral mist, Rose Luxe, to our range. Meticulously designed, and lovingly created, our special combination of ingredients ensures every flora smell as insatiable as a rose garden, for years to come.


What it can be used for…


  • Bouquets

Whether it be for wedding events or floristry manufacture, a simple spritz of Rose Luxe on preserved bouquets coats every petal in the signature rose scent meaning that long-lasting arrangements can smell just as good as they could in nature.

  • Hatboxes

When designing hatboxes, it doesn’t just take a beautiful selection of preserved roses. To add the final touch, why not spray some dashes of Rose Luxe to the blooms creating a cloud of beautifully sweet fragrance upon every opening.

  • Arrangements

As a highly versatile floral mist, Rose Luxe can be used on any preserved flora. A whole host of arrangements, from rustic foliages to intricate and dainty centrepieces, there are no longer any limitations to what preserved flora can be kept beautifully fragranced.


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