Stress Awareness Month 2021

Stress Awareness Month is upon us, and here at Fora, we thought we’d remind you about the importance of pressing pause every once in a while. Flowers are a superb way to unwind, and in the spirit of Stress Awareness Month, we’ve handpicked some of our most calming florals that will provide some much-needed zen.


The iconic Bonsai Tree takes its rightful place at the beginning of our list. Symbolically, the trees represent peace, harmony, and bringing order to one’s thoughts. Our preserved Bonsai Tree selection brings peace to environments that need it, so are ideal for corporate, office spaces, as well as industry-specific environments such as spas and gyms. Furthermore, the stylish greenery of the tree makes the Bonsai highly versatile, suiting any colour scheme.


Lotus plants are regarded around the world as symbols of regeneration, purity, and enlightenment. The Lotus is what many of us think of in times of reflection and relaxation, and Fora’s unique Lotus is a breath of fresh air. Our unique variety of the Lotus is captured in their closed form, which brings interesting variety into arrangements with its teardrop-shaped buds, ideal for professional floral design.


Simple yet effective, Lavender is a well-loved interior design accessory for homes all over the world. Symbolically, the foliage has been linked to relaxation for centuries. Our preserved Lavender comes in luscious bunches, in a range of shades from, Blue, to Purple, and more recently, Pink. Fabulous as standalone foliage, or as florets of colour among other flowers, our Lavender is versatile for manufacturing products, commercial events, and in-home interiors.


Our preserved Eucalyptus foliage is a standout filler plant for arrangements. In the spirit of creating a stress-free environment, the plant is very fitting. Symbolically, it has been known to hold relation to strength, protection, and survival. Some cultures even burn the leaves to purify surroundings and rid spaces of negative energy. Although we don’t recommend burning our Eucalyptus, we DO recommend using it as refreshing foliage when brightening interior spaces. The stylish, circular leaves have made this plant hugely popular in offices, other corporate environments, and ideal for manufacturing purposes.


Another addition to our list is Jasmine. Known for its connection to feelings of love, purity, appreciation, and good luck, the delicate flower is vastly recognised and sought-after. Our collection of preserved Jasmine comes in a variety if you want to use it as a feature in intricate floral products, or to scatter in larger scale arrangements. The floral’s delightful tube-like structure opens into a starburst of petite, oval petals. Our range caters to any occasion, with Fora’s shades including blue, green, pink, and classic white.

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